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Dem prez candidates face off in first debate tonight

The first debate between eight Democratic president contenders for 2008 is tonight at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. There should be some fireworks as Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, Ohio Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, Delaware Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., NM Gov. Bill Richardson and NY Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton face off.

For those not in the top tier, it’s a chance to get their ideas out there and start some spin; for Edwards, Obama, and Clinton, it’s both an opportunity and a risk, after all, the others will be putting them on the spot and leaving the possibility of gaffes being aired and re-aired ad nauseum. Hopefully we won’t see robotic performances out there, but expect to see some of them play it safe.

John Edwards, it appears, is going to call for Karl Rove’s resignation. My inbox was hit with a campaign email that said:

There is a trail of rot making its way through our government-and it leads straight to Karl Rove.

New evidence shows that Rove has been methodically working to twist even the most impartial branches of the federal government-including the Justice Department-to serve the Republican Party at the expense of the American people.

Enough is enough. Impartial justice must be protected. Integrity in government must be defended. Karl Rove must be fired.

Tomorrow, John Edwards is going on national television to take part in the first presidential debate. And that night, he’s going to call on George Bush to fire Karl Rove.

That’s going to be interesting, though as we’ve seen through each administration debacle, Bush has no intention of getting rid of his boy, no matter how bad the stench of corruption is that eminates from the White House.

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