Incredible. I guess it IS time to bring back a revival of Song of the South. When will people realize — black, white, left or right — it’s simply more trouble than its worth to reference blackface anymore?

Unless you are discussing blackface itself in its historical or political context, there’s just no point in trying to score humor or wit points with it.  Chris Muir obviously decided to throw caution to the wind and travel this path, doing a cartoon of Hillary Clinton pandering to blacks. Jon Swift wryly comments:

Today, his cartoon not only rubbed Hillary Clinton’s face in burnt cork, it also showed her saying, in delightfully stereotypical minstrel dialogue, “Lawdy, I’s seen da promised land!” Because Muir’s cartoon is regularly featured on a number of conservative blogs, the conservative blogosphere is now festooned with blackface by proxy. Unfortunately, this has made a few conservative worrywarts a little nervous. “Considering how we conservatives trashed Jane (“you ignorant slut”) Hamsher for photoshopping Lieberman in black face, shouldn’t we police our own and give Mr. Muir a few well chosen jabs for his insensitivity?” asks Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House, who is very sensitive about seeming racist but not so worried about seeming sexist.

…Ever since Hillary quoted a Negro spiritual in her speech at Selma conservative bloggers have been doing everything they can to make sure that no one forgets it. Repeating an idea over and over again such as the notion that Hillary is a racist by pandering to black people, or that John Edwards is so unmanly he is practically gay or that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim who will betray the country, only goes so far. The danger is that eventually voters might listen to what candidates are actually saying and forget the meme we are trying to reinforce no matter how many times Maureen Dowd repeats it in her columns.

There’s a very active thread on this over at Pandagon.

Fun item: bloggers might want to ask themselves the question – should I use blackface on my blog?

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding