Can’t stand up for falling down

Heading Right gets off to wonderful start with Rick “The Lesser” Moran (who is all about the civility) mildly pooh-poohing Chris Muir for indulging in black stereotypes by “illustrating” (a term, in Muir’s case, used so loosely it may fall apart if anyone breathes on it) Hillary Clinton in blackface. On the road to civility he makes a none too surprising right turn at misogyny:

What does everyone make of Chris Muir’s Day by Day cartoon this morning?

Hillary in black face?

Considering how we conservatives trashed Jane (”you ignorant slut”) Hamsher for photoshopping Lieberman in black face, shouldn’t we police our own and give Mr. Muir a few well chosen jabs for his insensitivity?

As I point out in my blog post, there is more than political correctness at stake here. The Minstrel Show – which is where black face comes from – did more than any other American institution to spread the black stereotypes we’re so familiar with today.

So…am I off base? Am I a politically correct closet case?

Oh, I don’t know that we would ever say that…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....