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My friend Lane Hudson has an interesting new post on Alter Net about the need for the LGBT community to step up its blogging game to advance our fight for civil rights. Lane, you may remember, is the was key in getting the word out about former congressman Mark Foley and his “interests” in male congressional pages.

I think that Lane is dead on with this. There are some amazingly smart gays like John Aravosis, Mike Rogers and Pam Spaulding who have taken to using blogs to advance the gay agenda of equality like Paris Hilton to a jello shot. What we need are more people, both LGBT and non-gay allies, who will take to the internet to advance the cause.

Here is a taste of what Lane has to say:

Unfortunately, the world of blogs and their worth to society seems to be a recurring question. It seems that the gay rights movement may be the least adept at knowing their value. At a recent event, a leader in the local DC gay rights movement told me that he “hates” blogs. Other gay rights leaders have been tone deaf when it comes to working with the blogosphere. I want to offer them, and the larger community, information about blogs that will hopefully increase understanding and appreciation for the large amount of work produced by bloggers.

Read the full post here.

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