The Man of the People&#153 would like to know if you validate– I’m sticking it to The Man.
– Aren’t you The Man?
– Maybe…

The man who helped Dick Cheney get his current job to speak in opposition to Dick Cheney:

Ralph Nader says he is impressed by his invitation from students at LDS Church-owned Brigham Young University to speak on the same day as Vice President Dick Cheney.
Nader, the legendary consumer advocate and former third-party presidential candidate, says that development reflects increasing opposition to the war in Iraq.

Nader has accepted an invitation by BYU students to speak Thursday evening after Vice President Dick Cheney addresses graduates. The event’s organizers say they oppose the actions of Cheney as part of President’s Bush’s administration and want to offer an alternative voice on that day.

“It’s really quiet encouraging to see BYU students stand tall and assert themselves in ways they will long remember and respect after they graduate,” Nader told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “I think it reflects a massive public opposition to a war that was initiated on false pretenses.”

He said he plans to talk about government accountability and foreign policy, particularly the war in Iraq.

The speech is open to the public but at least some of his words will be targeted toward students, he said.

How impressed was Nader? This impressed:

The alternative commencement group plans to attend Cheney’s speech, then travel down University Parkway to hear from Nader, former U.S. Senate candidate Pete Ashdown and former Amnesty International director Jack Healey, said BYU student and event organizer Eric Bybee.

The students have raised $9,000 to pay for speaking fees, transportation and rental of the McKay Events Center. They said Friday in a press release that they need to raise another $11,000.

Nader lowered his speaking fee to $12,000 from $15,000. He had refused to speak at an outdoor venue, and the alternative commencement group was frustrated in its attempts to find a building in Provo to handle what it hopes will be 2,500 to 5,000 visitors, including busloads of Salt Lakers protesting Cheney’s presence on the BYU campus. (my emphasis)

Hey, cheap suits don’t come cheap these day—-

Okay, they still come pretty cheap but Ralph needs to put a little away for a rainy day.

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