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White supremacist video — no problem for Concerned Women 'spokesman'

Unbelievable. Ex-gay Stephen Bennett, of Stephen Bennett Ministries, “A Pro-Family Organization Advocating for the Traditional Family, Protecting Our Children, Educating the World about the Issue of Homosexuality and Compassionately Ministering to Those Affected,” sent out an email alert to promote a video on YouTube that allegedly educates people about how homos recruit children. He bills himself as a spokesman for Concerned Women for America on his web site.

The problem is that the person posting the video that Bennett is promoting, johnsmithxp1, is also responsible for putting up some serious racist trash. Take a look at “Black Intelligence”:

John Aravosis at Americablog noted that the oeuvre of johnsmithxp1 is quite amazing, it includes:

– The Black Death (about how Asians nearly killed Europeans by giving them the plague)
– Keep America white
– Hitler
– Blacks are racist
– Homosexuals Brainwashing Children (parts I and II)
– Mexican druglords and human sacrifice
– White Europeans are the first Americans (parts I, II and III)
– Black Crime


Yes, just another racist nutjob on YouTube except that this racist nutjob is being promoted by a man who speaks publicly on behalf of the Concerned Women for America, one of the top three or four religious right groups in America.  Though, since Concerned Women for America is also promoting known hate groups, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that one of their spokesman is now promoting the works of white supremacists.

Do you think these fundies will have any comment about who they are associating themselves with?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding