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Study: pay gap between men and women persists

A study that analyzed data from the U.S. Department of Education involving 9,000 college graduates from 1992-93 and over than 10,000 between 1999-2000 found what we already know — the income gap between men and women still exists, even when women are in the same fields as men.

One year out of college, women working full time earn 80 percent of what men earn, according to the study by the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation, based in Washington D.C.

Ten years later, women earn 69 percent as much as men earn, it said.

Even as the study accounted for such factors as the number of hours worked, occupations or parenthood, the gap persisted, researchers said.

The important thing to note is that we’re talking about a discrepancy right out of college, when it’s less likely that either men or women are parents and neither has significant work experience in their fields. Oh, and it’s also in spite of women achieving higher grades…

In education, women earn 95 percent as much as their male colleagues earn, while in math, women earn 76 percent as much as men earn, the study showed.

While in college, the study showed, women outperformed men academically, and their grade point averages were higher in every college major.

The study also took into account that women gravitated toward fields that had lower pay scales, such as education, health care and psychology, while men majored in big ticket areas such as mathematics, physical science, and engineering. This raises many issues, but one that comes to mind is that those fields that are traditionally dominated by women are considered “worth less” in society because they are dominated by women.

H/t Spot4me.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding