Ok, so I was being mischevious. I went to this “poll” on the American Family Association web site. It asks the question:

If a corporation supports the homosexual agenda, would you: *
1) Be more likely to do business with that company
2) Be less likely to do business with that company
3) It would not affect my buying decision

Of course I choose number 1 :D. Of we know this poll is bogus, but I wanted to play around.

Then I got a ‘confirmation’ email from my poll choice saying that to confirm my action I needed to click the link:

I thought, better to let them know my opposition than to not, so.. silly me.. I clicked the link.

Apparently, instead of just ‘confirming my action’ on the poll, it made me a member of the AFA because the confirmation page said “Thank you for becoming a member of the American Family Association.”

Well, doh. I guess I should have known better. These polls are designed to get new members. I should have known they would have made the takers of the polls members without any real consent on the part of those clicking the link thinking they were “confirming their action” on the poll.

Oh well, guess I am now officially a member of a hate group. I guess that is how they can make it look like they have more members and supporters than they really do.




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