At least that’s the conclusion one can draw by the GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s statement today when asked about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:

Huckabee also said he would “leave it up to the military and let their recommendation stand” on whether to keep in place the so-called don’t ask, don’t tell policy that bans gays from openly serving in the armed forces.

I’m not sure that being homosexual should automatically disqualify a person from the military. If a person can do his or her job, you know that’s not for me the biggest issue,” Huckabee said.

This is significant because Mike Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister and advocate of covenant marriage is the darling of the fundies. Of course he didn’t totally see the light; the AP reported that Huckabee also said that absent a power of attorney, the lesbian partner of a childbearing woman should not automatically have equal parental rights because it represents. “a step toward changing the definition of marriage and family.”

Huckabee also joined the chorus of Republicans calling for lying Attorney General and amnesia sufferer/pre-senile Alberto Gonzales to step down.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding