Governor Bill Ritter says that he will sign a bill that would allow gay and lesbian couples (along with unmarried partners of opposite sex couples) to adopt children.

Ritter said his support of the legislation stems from his 12 years as Denver district attorney, where he saw cases involving children who came from one-parent or broken families.

He said he has “far less problems” than others do with the issue of gay or lesbian adoption. “My preference here is to do, in a public policy way, things that are right by kids,” Ritter said. “I really believe that a two-parent adoption bill has the ability to do that broadly.”

That has not slowed the letters. Jenny Kraska, deputy director of the Colorado Catholic Conference, said several thousand people have received alerts from her organization asking them to contact the governor.

This news about Ritter’s nose-thumbing at them has sent the usual suspects, including the Catholic church and Daddy Dobson, over the edge.

Saying that traditional morality is under attack in Colorado, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson urged his radio listeners on Wednesday to call Gov. Bill Ritter to oppose four bills, including one that would allow gay couples to adopt children together.

Do you understand how the liberals have declared war on traditional morality and traditional family values in this state?” said Dobson, a child psychologist who founded the Colorado Springs-based Christian organization…”You don’t base your public policy decisions on exceptions and on these very troubled situations. You do what’s the greatest good for the greatest number of people,”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding