In view of the Bush Administration's habit of giving taxpayer money to "faith-based" organizations (and government jobs in the Department of Justice and elsewhere to otherwise-unemployable graduates of barely-accredited Christian colleges), one wonders if we can expect the following to happen sometime soon:

August 1, 2007

WASHINGTON — President George W. Bush announced today the creation of the Lot Foundation, with former South Carolina Christian Coalition organizer and prominent South Carolina Republican Beverly Russell as its chair.

"In light of my desire to bring America back to the Christian values on which it was founded, I hereby declare the creatorizing of the Lot Foundation.  

As you all know, Lot was a great figure in the Old Testament who set the gold standard for family values.  [PW notes: Thanks to RonD for bringing up another memorable expression of Lot's family values.] The Lot Foundation will be dedicated to encouraging the propagation of those values, and I can think of no better person than Beverly Russell to head it."

Russell was unavailable for comment, but co-chair Jon Grunseth, speaking on behalf of Russell, thanked President Bush for his support and kind words.  In addition to his duties with the Lot Foundation, Grunseth is a former Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota and a longtime political ally of Minnesota's current governor Tim Pawlenty.  Iowa Assemblies of God pastor Mike Hintz will provide special guidance on Scriptural interpretation.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman