I did it all for the nookie…and some sweet sweet Soros cash

Ian at Hot Air (he’s the Baby Huey-looking one on the right, next to that chick and the bad-ass mofo in the disco shirt) breathlessly relays what Bill O’Reilly said on TV about that Jew bastard George Soros:

Bill O’Reilly went after Media Matters tonight in his Talking Points Memo and in the segment that followed. He named several influential media figures who regurgitate content and talking points from Media Matters uncritically. O’Reilly promises more segments on Media Matters in the future.

The contents of which Ian will regurgitate from Bill O’Reilly uncritically on Hot Air (or possibly to his friends in his Everquest guild where he is a Paladin High Elf Level 65 armed with the Gauntlet of Dragon Slaying, the Baton of Faith, and the Penis of Non-Touching).

Long O’Reilly bullshit story short, George Soros (seen here in Bill O’Reilly’s mind):

is trying to take over the US with his Nazi money by funding groups who attack our way of life…and Bill O’Reilly.

Here, maybe this will make it clearer:

Here is how it works: You see, George Soros gives million dollar bills to someone (probably Hillary Clinton) at the mysteriously named Open Society Institute who then goes to the check cashing place and gets them broken down into thousand dollar bills (out of sequence of course) which are then placed in those Hallmark envelopes (with the oval for the dead president face to show through) that grandmothers use to give out five dollar bills on birthdays and mitzvahs. These envelopes are sent to Moveon.org who then ‘re-gifts’ them to Media Matters on minor holidays like Arbor Day, Presidents Day, Bring Down the Government Day, etc. David Brock then uses the money to buy a disposable cell phone with which he calls Andrea Mackris and impersonates Bill’s gruff manly voice and asks her about her “spectacular boobs” and “getting your nipples real hard” (in the background behind Brock you can hear Jamison Foser giggling and then you hear Brock tell Foser, “Shut up, you dick!”). O’Reilly, without an alibi, then pays Mackris millions of dollars without even getting to first base. And the terrorists win.

At least that’s how it supposedly works. O’Reilly was kind of penciling it out for the Fox graphics department on the back of a Juggs & Ammo magazine and…well, here’s his original diagram. I think you’ll see where he was going with this:

But with bigger tits…

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