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Here are some of the things, big and little, that caught my attention recently:

Cliff Schecter, armed only with a modem, a smart mouth, and facts in context, goes after the expensive and chickenshit consultants that too many prominent Democrats lean on as crutches.  (Of course, these expensive consultants are largely opposed to seeing the private money taken out of elections.  Gee, I wonder why?  Not.)

— I'm leaning towards being an Edwards girl, but this was friggin' perfect, I must admit: "…Obama notices a phone vibrating in the lectern. When it becomes clear that it is Sharpton’s, Obama says 'Is that Hillary calling?'."

— George W. Bush hates all terrorists, especially those that kill civilians.  Unless, of course, the terrorists are associated with the right-wing Cuban exile community.

— Now this rat-costume idea is funny and clever, even if it's a right-winger in the rat suit.

— If trends like this continue, we are just going to kick ass next year.

Brent Budowsky on who really supports the troops.  (Hint:  It's not the Boy-King or his fellow Republicans.)

— "Wo ist Steiner!?" The increasingly desperate conservatives are starting to burn all their bridges to reality.  This would be amusing, except that it's starting to make me think of the same last-ditch lost-cause insanity exhibited by John Wilkes Booth and his fellow conspirators.

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