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Oregon anti-discrimination bills bring out the best in fundie hysteria

The Oregon Equality Act (S.B. 2) and the Oregon Family Fairness Act (H.B. 2007) cleared the state House last week (also see this diary). The two measures move on to the Senate, and they are expected to pass —  Gov. Ted Kulongoski plans to sign both.

This has outraged the bible beaters, and they are practically foaming at the mouth. WingNutDaily screeches “‘Pagan morality’ to go before voters?” — and the quotes are so over the top in this piece that you are going to be rolling with laughter:

The Constitution Party said the plan is a “recipe for civil war.”

“Everyone should read this legislation. It clearly gives those who choose non-traditional sexual behavior preference over those with traditional moral values,” said state Chairman Jack Brown. “This legislation will lock religious people inside their church buildings and let perversion occupy the rest of the landscape!”

Crowe said the first legislative bill simply overturns what voters approved: the status of marriage being limited to one man and one woman. The new plan calls for “domestic partnerships,” changed recently from “civil unions,” but he said it amounts to the same thing.

The second plan, classifying homosexuals as a protected minority, is “the most sweeping and culturally devastating law in Oregon history, establishing pagan morality under the guise of a ‘civil right,’ and imposing it upon all Oregonians under the cover of ‘law,'” Crowe said.

And it doesn’t end there. Vernon M. Marks, superintendent of the Oregon Assemblies of God churches goes straight to the old saws, saying it would “violate the very moral and ethical foundations of our culture,” and

He also said the legislation would “disregard fundamental biblical guidelines for the sanctity of traditional family” as well has ignore the state’s “overwhelming” vote to preserve traditional marriage. The legislation itself would create discrimination against parents caring for handicapped adult children as well as parental moral values and convictions. Lastly, it would “infringe on the constitutional protection of the free exercise of religion,” he said.

How about this from David Crowe of Restore America:

“I have to do something. Someone has to do it, or the Christian community is sending the signal we’ll put sandbags around the church but the rest of you are on your own and we’ll just watch this moral freefall.

As Right Wing Watch noted, there is an explicit exemption in the bill for churches and religious organizations, so Crowe’s warning that  churches will be “forced to hire homos” is a crock, and an appeal to the usual fear, smear and hold out the hat tactics we’ve all seen before.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding