I’m offline a lot today, so click over to a few interesting diaries that popped up…

* The Dark Wraith makes me feel very old, since I know most of the flicks and musical groups he tries to expose students to in College.

* A welcome to Bloggernista, who tells us that Young Voters Want More Than Hot Air.

* Callie has A Proposition for you all about the marriage debate.

* Bomb, Bomb, Bomb – Bomb Iran — not the McCain meltdown, but Paul in SF points to a YouTube anti-war video.

* King Cranky says The GOP’s House Divided Against Itself: Big Oil Smacks Busybody Wingnuts — Shell gas stations in Florida have decided to start carrying porn mags again and Daddy D isn’t happy.

That’s just a sampling — feel free to scroll the Diaries for interesting pieces.


I’ll leave you with this random article I came across…

Raleigh: man shows up in birthday suit at dry cleaner

Not dressed up and somewhere to go…he said he was there to pick up his freshly cleaned clothes that he dropped off.

There was another recent incident like this near my workplace where some guy was wanking off while standing next to his truck (between the open door and the truck), in clear view of people in the parking lot. Not something you really want to see after a hard day at work. For more on this particular pathology, click here.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding