Ahhh, the utter joy of seeing the twin pillars of the GOP’s base at odds with each other, even if they’re not tangling politically


This tells me the wacko, Taliban-sympathizing US assclowns known as the Religious Right are losing their clout, otherwise, Shell wouldn’t be telling these UnChristian swine to go play in the traffic

Florida Shell Stations Bring Back Porn Magazines

Backing off its ban, the Shell Oil Co. is stocking 240 of its branded stores in Florida with pornographic magazines.

240 slaps to the institutional face of Pappy Dobson and his Parasite Empire AKA Focus On The Family, couldn’t happen to a more deserving scumbag-with maybe the exception of Wingnut Extraordinaire Bill Donohue, a true Lackbrain

The problem with FotF is what they consider pornography, “Penthouse”, sure, no problems calling those pics “porn”, but really, does ANYONE-besides the far right retards-consider “Playboy” pornography?

But the kicker is the description of one particular FotF’er

But Daniel Weiss, media and sexuality analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said the company is clearly in violation of its own policy that prohibits stores from “selling or displaying materials with themes of sex, nudity or prurient interest.”

What on earth is a “sexuality analyst”, especially as it relates to the organization of social lunatics known as Focus on the Family?

Oh well, it’s just such a sad state of modern affairs when one evil group of the GOP’s base gets so disrespectfully slapped around by another evil group of the GOP’s base

Too Bad, So Sad