What do you call a government where the people running it give out prized contracts and positions to people whose goals are to either enrich themselves at the expense of the people they're supposed to serve, or to destroy the government outright by slowly monkeywrenching it and wasting its money in true white-supremacist "bleed the beast" fashion?

Why, you'd call it George W. Bush's White House, that's what.

Granted, Bush and his inner circle weren't the first to use the Grover Norquistian "bleed the beast" ideology to destroy a part of government they didn't like.  William Bennett, our favorite finger-wagging moralist gambling junkie, did his level best during the Clinton administration to push his fellow Republicans to defund public schools so they would fail and be replaced by private charter schools whose ideologies were propped up with taxpayer funds (and which lined the pockets of several key GOP donors).  But the Bushies do it on a scale that must make even Bennett envious.

And we were just reminded of that yet again with the student-loan controversy, as some long-overdue oversight hits it courtesy of Representative George Miller (D-CA).  It turns out that — just as with FEMA and DOJ and NASA and pretty much every other branch of the Federal Government — the Bush Junta put rewarding its buddies over making sure that they weren't ripping off the taxpayers or the people (students, in this case) that the agency which paid them was meant to be serving. 

We have a whole government now that is being run by people with the same mindset as the 9/11 hijackers:  Just as the 9/11 hijackers had no interest in knowing how to really fly a plane, the Bush Juntaists don't want to know how to run the government honestly and efficiently, since at best they just see all the parts of it (and the people it serves) as disposable weapons in their holy war. 

Ironically, if all the Republican Bush buddies with their no-bid contracts had to be assessed by the Bush Junta's pet toy for punishing dissident Federal agencies, the Program Assessment Rating Tool, they'd fail the test.  Which is why they never will be assessed with it.  

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman