Somehow, while looking for books on military academies, the two teen sons of Bentonville Arkansas resident Earl Adams just happened to come across a book on lesbian sex. Because of this, the father wants the city to pay him $20K for “pain and suffering” that his “traumatized” sons experienced. (365gay):

“[They were] greatly disturbed” said Earl Adams his letter to the city. “[We had] many sleepless nights in our house.”

Adams wants $10,000 per child, the maximum allowed under the Arkansas obscenity law. Adams also wants the city to fire library director Cindy Suter.

The book, “The Whole Lesbian Sex Book” by Felice Newman was moved to an inaccessible area of the library after Adams first complained, and then removed altogether following a second complaint from the man.

In a letter to Mayor Bob McCaslin, Adams said the book is “patently offensive and lacks any artistic, literary or scientific value.”

The city attorney said Adams had no case, but would you be surprised that the fundies are ready to sue and raise hell if the book is placed back where the boys “discovered” it?

“Any effort to reinstate the book will be met with legal action and protests from the Christian community,” Adams stated in an e-mail to the Morning News newspaper.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding