I guess we’re not short of theories in the fundie set. The American Family Association has its own idea about why the shootings occurred at Virginia Tech. Check out this unhinged video (h/t Daimeon), that blames all school shootings, abortions, privacy that promotes homosex — and anything else they are opposed to — on the removal of God from the classroom.

Once you’ve recovered from watching that, you should go over to the AFA site to see some of the sheeple feedback over the video:

As you know the city of Philadelphia and state of Pennsylvania is at the top of the list with the most murders commit for 2007. The ones that are committing these murders are teenagers and young adults. Yes taking GOD out of the schools was the start of violence in the school district all over the United States. This CD is the best thing that anybody could have made. It’s the truth and a change needs to take place in all schools.

I’m concerned about the statement that God didn’t help these children because He’s not allowed in the school. God was with every Christian student in all those shootings. We are in a battle between good and evil. Are we losing the battle because we are too lazy to fight evil; because we are weak in our faith and Satan knows it; because we are trying to be politically correct? I’m concerned that we are protraying a powerless God.

This puts Don and Tim Wildmon out of sorts with the ideas of Rod Parsley, who said the tragedy was caused by sin, and creationist Dr. Grady McMurtry, who thinks that teaching evolution is to blame. Can’t these fundies get their stories straight?

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding