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A Proposition

To solve the great debate over marriage rights for gay people, I have a proposition.

There has been much discussion about marriage being a religious sacrament. For those raised in the Catholic faith, like my partner, that rings true. However, not everyone, whether heterosexual or homosexual, views marriage this way.

My proposition is that to allow marriage to continue to be viewed as a religious sacrament; however, that requires that any couple united by a church officiant is considered married by law. Note that MANY faiths are beginning to recognize, acknowledge, and provide the sacrament of marriage to gay couples. Therefore, these gay couples would be legally recognized as married.

For those who don’t want to be united by the church, these couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, would have basically what we would call a civil marriage or civil union (to appease all palates). However, whether it is called a civil union or marriage is purely a technicality and a reference to the environment in which the union was performed, because both would carry the same benefits.

Is this a reasonable solution? What are your thoughts?

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