The reason? Retired Marine Sgt. Eric Alva is gay and is now speaking out. Here’s a man who served his country — and lost a leg on March 21, 2003 when he tripped a landmine. (Express-News):

This first American serviceman wounded in the war in Iraq told a crowd of a few dozen people in San Antonio on Wednesday that he believes the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy will be repealed following next year’s presidential election.

In his first public address in San Antonio since he disclosed his homosexuality in late February in Washington, retired Marine Sgt. Eric Alva also called on the crowd at Our Lady of the Lake University to support legislation aimed at protecting basic human rights, such as a hate-crimes bill, and the recognition of marriage of gay couples.

  “When I went out to war and was finishing 13 years in the United States Marine Corps defending this country, it was for the rights and freedoms of everybody in this country,” said Alva, who lives in San Antonio and attends the university. “Not just politicians, not just a certain person of color or a person of a certain culture. It was for everybody.”

Now that he is out of the closet and calling for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell — and for the passage of more pro-gay legislation as a national spokesman for HRC — his service is meaningless to the knuckle-dragging keyboard patriots as they tap out their filth. Read what they said after the jump.

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What a disgrace to the uniform.

Semper Fruit Mac. (turd burgler alert)

I don’t think he’s right, but it certainly will be repealed the next time a draft is instituted.

Then they’ll demand a Homosexual Draft Exemption.

There was a queer exemption in the old draft.

I don’t know why it would be repealed in the event of a draft. General prohibitions against sodomy weres in effect during previous wars; if the behavior manifests itself they’re discharged.

I understand. But my point was that when a draft is ever again instituted, everyone and their mother will “tell” that they are gay, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will go out the window.

Hey,not *every* Marine is worthy of respect….Oswald,Murtha,this clown….

Oh, and my husband has said very clearly that he doesn’t care if he has 19 years, 11 months and 29 days towards his retirement, the day they allow Marines to be openly homosexual is the day he will leave the Corps.

I won’t call this guy a disgrace to the uniform. He gave 13 years of good service to the Corps and spilled his own blood in combat. I don’t agree with what he’s doing now, but he has certainly earned his right to do whatever he wants.

when interviewed his gay companions said they were stumped?

I get the fact that you don’t like gay people. Whatever. But making fun of a wound he suffered on the battlefield? In a war he voluntarily fought in service to his country? You know, it is possible to disagree with someone’s politics without mocking their sacrifice to your country.

But they won’t get it, and that will be the end to Don’t ask, Don’t Tell, becasue everyone will be telling.

Sorry Pal, there is no God given or otherwise right to engage in anal sex.

This won’t fly with the Marines. Many career Marines will walk away rather than work with gays.

Frankly, this one has me twisting. He’s a marine who served his country and lost a leg in the process. He’s given more than I (or most here I’d wager) have to serve our country. On the other hand, he’s pushing for a Democra# President and pushing an agenda that many servicemembers I know believe would do severe damage to the Corps and the other armed services. The latter outweighs the former, but I’m not going to castigate him for it. Just disagree.

So what makes him the disgrace? His 13 years service? The fact he lost a leg in Iraq? Or his nerve at expressing an opinion you disagree with?

Then don’t tell and you won’t have a problem. Along broader lines, the introduction/endorsement of homosexual behavior introduces a plethora of questions regarding the military ranging from billeting to how posts will treat the Boy Scout. I’d like to see the answers to those questions before the policy is changed. Personally, I think President Reagan’s “We Ask, Don’t Join” policy worked just fine.

I do want to make a quick observation. I do feel for this man in a way. He has clearly done his duty, and he has paid a high price. But he is a Sgt. and it says he served 13 years. Thirteen years is the cut off to pick up SSgt. for the up or out policy. I’m curious as to why he hadn’t picked up SSgt. If he waited until he was out of the Corps to be open, and he clearly did his part for the Corps in battle, then why no promotion? Just wondering is all.

I won’t call this guy a disgrace to the uniform. He gave 13 years of good service to the Corps and spilled his own blood in combat.

You get no flame from me. You are absolutely correct. That Marine demonstrated courage and fidelity to his Nation. For that, we honor him. I do not believe the military is an appropriate setting to push homosexuality, or to permit homosexuals to join, just as I do not wish to see women in combat assignments. But that in no way lessens what this brave man did for his Country.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding