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Did Miers Tell Yang to Go or Be Fired?

I guess I’m writing a series of posts canvassing readers to clarify whether I heard or read something DiFi said in the Gonzales hearing correctly. This bit has to do with whether or not we knew that Miers discussed ousting Deborah Yang. Here’s the exchange:

FEINSTEIN: Now, I’d like to go on with something else.

Fromdocuments and interview, we know the following: The White House wasinvolved in the removal of Bud Cummins. Karl Rove called you and askedabout three districts: Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Albuquerque.

GONZALES: Senator, I don’t recall whether he called or if there was a visit. It may have been a call.


You got a call from the president about New Mexico in the fall of ’06.

GONZALES: Senator, I think that was a conversation. I don’t think it was a phone call.

FEINSTEIN: OK — conversation, thank you.

And Harriet Miers discussed whether to remove Deborah Yang from Los Angeles. Now, she resigned so she was not part of this.

Butgiven all these inquiries that we know about, how could you say justthree weeks ago that the White House did not play a role in adding ortaking off names? [my emphasis]

Now, as a reminder, Deborah Wong Yang was the USA for Los Angeles. Before she resigned last year, she was investigating Jerry Lewis for crimes associated with his role in the Appropriations process. After resigning, she amazingly ended up working for the firm–Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher–defending Lewis. And if that’s not suspicious enough, she got a $1.5 million signing bonus to go to work there.

And here’s DiFi saying that Harriet Miers was talking about getting rid of Deborah Yang.

This may just be a case where I’m not remembering the document dumpclearly. I know Sampson discussed withYang about whether she has figured out what she’s going to do yet(looking for the reference–damn, I need binders again). But have weseen the document noting that Miers was looking into removing DeborahYang?

Because if we haven’t, this sure would seem to support the notion that Harriet Miers was running a hatchet shop to close down investigations into corrupt Republicans.

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