Via TPM, it seems Box Turtle Cornryn thinks Gonzales should stay on because "the Democrats aren't going to be satisfied with just Al Gonzales."  Don't really know how having a corrupt, incompetent and memory challenged AG is somehow okay because it won't make the Democrats happy, but in wingnut bizarroworld evidently this makes sense.

What is unfathomable to me is how Cornyn continues to comment on matters related to Jack Abramoff — which the Carol Lam firing certainly is (and count me among those who think the firings of the others were in large part a smoke screen so as not to call attention to Lam's removal) — and nobody who interviews him brings up his own role in the scandal?

As Texas AG at the time, Cornyn was a lynchpin in Abramoff's deal to shut down the Alabama-Couchetta casino:

In the Nov. 30, 2001, e-mail, Reed told Abramoff that 50 pastors led by Ed Young of Second Baptist Church in Houston would meet with Cornyn to urge him to shut down the Alabama-Coushatta tribe’s casino near Livingston. He said Young would back up the request in writing. “We have also choreographed Cornyn’s response. The AG will state that the law is clear, talk about how much he wants to avoid repetition of El Paso and pledge to take swift action to enforce the law,” Reed wrote. “He will also personally hand Ed Young a letter that commits him to take action in Livingston.”

Cornyn has done little more than shrug his shoulders and deny that his role was "choreographed."  And nobody ever presses him on it, or asks him if he has a personal interest in making sure that the investigation into Abramoff's dealings go no further.

Your media in action. 

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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