The Cheetos Insurrection
Don’t make me get off this bench, boy!

Hell in a handbasket, I tells ya! Dan Riehl and his commenters plan for dark days, dark days indeed, if the American electorate doesn’t wake up and smell the treasonous traitorous treachery of the Democrats:

Like so much political dung, America must scrape this detritus from its boot in 08, relegating it to the minority where it barely belongs, or there will be no truly bright American future for our children to see. They, more than any immigrant or terrorist group, have the ability to destruct the one nation which has stood as light and freedom to the world for the last 200-plus years.

And so they are arming themselves against the armies that dwell in the fever gutters of their somewhat stunted imaginations:

Well klansmanbob you can laugh all you want. As you do I want you to think about a few things. First people are not overwhelmingly happy with the Dems, they are tied with Bush for unpopularity right around the mid 30’s on average. Many of the seats the Dems picked up were within the margine of error. Many of those seats were decided by less than 5,000 votes several were decided by only several hundred. Historically American people do not like a party that is supporting the US loss in war. And lastly bobinyouranidiotland people on the right who believe passionately in their cause don’t go out and hold massive peace rallies, no they join millitia groups. And before you place to much faith in the police think of this , which side tends to send their children of to the millitary. A civil war or coup might not go the way the libs on this sight think it will.

Posted by: southdakotaboy

“I’m buying a prayer rug and Koran just in case…”
OK, PA, but I went this afternoon and bought a Rock River R-4 in 5.56 NATO. And 1000 rounds of ammo. Just in case….the price goes up, which it is bound to after the recent events at VTU. I can’t resist a good sale.

Posted by: templar knight

I’ve already got a several thousand rounds of various stuff in stock, and enough hardware to start a small revolution, so I figured the rug and Koran were next on the list ;->

I need to replenish the 9mm ammo somewhat though. I’m fine on .308 and the 54R Dragunov stuff.

Posted by: Purple Avenger

Tempknight: might not be a bad idea to stock up on more ammo; I am told the price will go up because of the metal, powder, etc., plus the demand for it in the Middle East war. I won’t say on the Internet how much I have stocked, but .45 ball went from $12.95 to $18.95 almost overnight; LAPD special goes for $22.95 if you can get it. Avoid reloads. 12 gauge slugs went up, too. Also, consider a good scope.

If you have a picatinny rail, you can put on a ‘trajeton red dot’ which runs less than a laser, and is safer. Don’t let the sales people oversell you with expensive lasers and under the barrel lights, though the ‘red dot’ is up there a bit, but worth it.

I’m serious about this, however I must be careful not to go overboard on the subject. Unfortunately, if the can pops, we may be faced with the situation of the ’60s; remember Kent State and Berkeley? Civilians had to face some of their friends who were in the military sent to uphold ‘the peace’.

In reference to your comment on the 5.56 NATO ammo, it may continue to be in production at the current rate, but getting it could become a problem; more is better and expect availability to diminish.

One last comment: I know many people who have enrolled in the self-defense courses put on by former mercenaries and the reports I get back is that they top out what they learned in the military and on the police force including LAPD, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Colorado, FBI and BATFE. Believe it or not, those groups are sent to some of the trainers you can find on the Internet. I know, because I have been in class with many of them. Names and locations of the training is on the Internet; I have seen some for $100 bucks a day and one in Nevada goes for $500 a day. The ones I have been through are not a case of “you get what you pay for” in most cases. Last weekend I went through training in the San Gabriel Mountains right next to the LAPD regular LE and the SWAT team and about the only thing they had on us was the larger weapons. Our training was superior and the instructor pushed us like hell, but every scratch, cut and bruise was worth it. By the way, he trained some of the LAPD and SWATers next to us.

Posted by: hobo

Welcome to the Socially Awkward Depressed-Loner-With-A-Grievance Gun Club.

They’re dangerous, but only if they leave the house.



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