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This and that – Thursday open thread

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* NBC has released video sent to the network by the Virginia Tech shooter. It was in a package with what the AP calls “a rambling and often incoherent 23-page written statement, 28 video clips and 43 photos.”

* However, wingnut anti-gay, bible-beating Patriot Pastor Rod Parsley knows why the shootings at Virginia Tech took place. It’s not about mental illness despite the ramblings, it’s all about SIN and godlessness. From his Newsweek blog post: (h/t HDBiker):

Choosing a world view that excludes God and disregards the value of human life makes the unforgettable scenes from Virginia Tech possible. What we saw Monday morning is nothing less and nothing other than the result of one young man’s sin – his determination to do what he wanted to do, rather than what His Creator would have him do. It’s a choice each of us faces daily. The only difference is that Cho Seung Hui’s choice led to historically tragic consequences and the attention of a horrified world.

Mr. Center for Moral Clarity, incidentally, got a beat-down in the comments that you should read.

* Former meth purchaser, “erotic massage” customer, and “completely heterosexual” Ted Haggard has moved from Colorado Springs to Phoenix; the fallen minister will join Phoenix First Assembly of God, is led by one of his “restoration” specialists, the Rev. Tommy Barnett. That’s the same church that helped disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker. (h/t Herb).

* Told you so: a Gallup poll found that Hillary Clinton’s favorable ratings are in the tank. (h/t, Steve)

A majority of Americans have an unfavorable image of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton’s current 45% favorable rating with the American public is her third consecutive reading below 50% in the past two months, and is one of the lowest Gallup has measured for her since 1993.

* The Frontlines points to a Gay City News article on where the candidates stand on the repeal of the military’s sodomy ban. Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Biden, Kucinich, Dodd and Gravel are for the repeal of Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Bill Richardson is on the record as opposed to DADT, but has not commented on private sexual conduct issue. On the GOP, we have Rudy flip-flopping. He was for the repeal of DADT, but now says “The policy should stay the same while we’re at war… We’re in a particularly intense phase.” And the Tool McCain wants the ban in place, as does Tom Tancredo who also wants to preseve the sodomy ban. As GCN points out, even if DADT was repealed, without lifting the sodomy ban, the military could simply step up select sodomy prosecutions, effectively making it possible for only sexually-abstinent gay soldiers to serve openly.

* Bilerico reports that an Indiana school went on lockdown for the Day of Silence after a bomb threat.

Nothing quite like tolerance to bring out the threats of violence, eh? Of particular interest is the protest scheduled for tomorrow. Called “Day of Truth,” it calls for students to wear “positive” messages about the dangers of homosexuality and pass out Christian literature in public schools. So mixing religion with public schooling notwithstanding, isn’t it ironic that they need to have an intolerance protest the next day?

* Speaking of the Day of Silence, Blender Rev. Jerry Maneker, has this to say at his pad.

Now, after the silence, what about some meaningful action? What about active protests in front of churches that deny the dignity of LGBT people and deny them the same sacramental rights that are enjoyed by every other professing Christian? What about demanding from our clergy that they start to obey Jesus’ commandments to love God and not the reactionary (or any other) forces of this world, and to love and not judge others? What about putting clergypeople’s feet to the fire to fish or cut bait regarding their professing the Gospel of grace, or God’s unmerited favor to those who trust God over and above seen circumstances, and not preach the false gospel of legalism, perfectionism, and exclusion that has so often characterized all too many sermons?

* Ms. Magazine reminds people how yesterday’s ruling by SCOTUS on Today’s ruling that upheld the ban on the D&X (dilation & extraction) abortion procedure has vague enough to leave room for a legal challenge to D&E (dilation and evacuation), a procedure used in 95% of post-first trimester abortions. It doesn’t take much of a leap to see how this will affect the rights currently in place because of Roe v. Wade. The truth is that they have been in jeopardy for some time now. In 2004, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Martha Mendoza, learned that her 19-week-old fetus was dead in her womb. She wrote about the difficulty, even then, in finding a doctor willing to perform a D&E — “Between a Woman and her Doctor.” It’s worth the click.

* Michael Stickings of the gives us one more reason why Michelle Malkin is a dangerous idiot.

* I love how Avidor opened his post on accused wife beater Minnesota state Rep. Mark Olsen, co-sponsor of a state marriage amendment. Only a day after a Judge postponed Rep. Mark Olson’s trial for beating his wife, Olson went nuts on the House floor, ranting about suicide and death. Go watch the video.

* Homobigot Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) only won by 3 points in the last election, due to her own lousy hateful record and a stunning challenge by marriage equality supporter Angie Paccione. See a debate with Musgrave where Paccione gets huge applause for supporting equality:

You know what a threat is to marriage? Divorce is a threat to marriage. You know what else is a threat to marriage? Infidelity is a threat to marriage. Domestic violence is a threat to marriage. Losing your job is a threat to marriage. Marriage is not a threat to marriage. I support equality.”

It looks like Angie might try to unseat Musgrave in 2008. Please, please, please – run, Angie, run! (h/t Andy)

The list [of potential challengers] starts with Paccione, and according to a longtime Larimer County Democrat and volunteer for Paccione’s 2006 campaign: “She’s 95 percent in the race. My gut feeling is that she is going to run. “I think she’s going to come forward sometime in the next 30 days.”

* I’m a day late getting to this but Dan Gonzales has the first edition of his podcast series, “If It’s Wednesday, It’s Exgay” up at Box Turtle Bulletin. Check it out.

* GodTube doesn’t like Jeremy of Good As You — the bible-beating YouTube knock off hosed his comment there pointing out the lie of Rev. Lou Sheldon. Are you surprised?

[Posting will be very light today; I spent all of last night and up until this AM in the ER because of a family medical emergency and will be offline dealing issues related to that for the next several days, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to get much shut-eye, let alone write. Send positive vibes. –P.]

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