Pre-Friday Random Ten
¿Ay chinito bonito, donde vas?
¿Donda vas chinito con su “malaca,”
Y donde estan mis pantalones, chinito?

The Immortal Dog and Pony Show – For Squirrels
Andvari – Sigur Rós
Respectable – Nellie McKay
Space Travel Is Boring – Sun Kil Moon
Reason Why – Rachel Yamagata
Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes – Thievery Corporation
Ostriches & Chirping – Elliott Smith
Lord Can You Hear Me – Spiritualized
See The Sky About To Rain – Neil Young*
Chinito Chinito – Ry Cooder
Bonus #11: Had A Dad – Janes Addiction

*I can’t say enough good things about Neil Young’s Live At Massey Hall. For one thing you get to hear a very loose and relaxed Neil Young try out new songs like Heart of Gold / A Man Needs A Maid and Old Man before he released them on Harvest. Above all, the recording quality, cleaned up from a concert in 1971 is immaculate.

But wait…there’s more: this looks promising.

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