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Transpeople: Mock Them, Lock Down Because Of Them, And Kill Them Without Consequence

It’s a harsh world out there for transgender people; from the last few days, here’s some stories about just how harsh it is for transpeople out there:

– The Associate Press has a piece out entitled Illinois Lawmakers Mock Sex Change Bill:

Chapin RoseState lawmakers mocked sex changes while debating a bill that would have made it easier to get a new birth certificate after switching genders in another country.

The legislation came up shortly after a debate about neutering deer to control their population. Republican Rep. Chapin Rose joked that the state might start issuing sex-change documents to deer.

William 'Bill' B. BlackRepublican Rep. Bill Black said he objects to recognizing non-surgical sex changes. “Maybe you went somewhere and a voodoo doctor said you were now a man, where you had been a woman,” Black said.

“I’ve often thought that perhaps I was a female trapped in a male body. I know – it scares me, too,” he said to hoots from his colleagues. “I wish I didn’t have to shave every day. … I’d like to smell better. I’d like to have softer skin.”

The Associated Press said the legislation failed on a vote of 32-78. The sponsor, Democratic Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, said she was “ashamed” by the comments of her peer lawmakers.

Cranbrook Schools (Michigan) were on lockdown Tuesday. Why?

Cranbrook Schools went into lockdown today after parents reported seeing a man dressed as a woman near a campus bus stop.

Police have not located the man, described as a white male about 6 feet tall, wearing a gray or blonde wig, lipstick, flowered skirt and high heels. . .

. . .In light of Monday’s tragic shootings in Virginia, said [Bloomfield Hills Department of Public Safety Lieutenant] Myszenski, police were called in because “we would rather err on the side of safety.”

I guess Lt. Myszenski read the Homeland Security Department Memo that said of Al-Qaeda:

“Male bombers may dress as females in order to discourage scrutiny.”

– Over in Chile, a confessed, brutal killer of a transwoman received a four year suspended sentence for his crime. In the article Chile: Confessed Transvestite Killer Avoids Jail, there’s a description a murderer who repeatedly hit the victim, smashed the victim’s head against a wall, mercilessly kicked her until she died — and openly admitted to the crime. The killer had been out on $1,000 (US) bond for two-and-a-half-years prior to sentencing, and said of the low bail:

“Turns out it’s cheap to kill a faggot.”

Yup, it’s a harsh world out there for transgender folk — The world doesn’t always smell as sweet to transpeople as apparently the women of the world smell to Republican Rep. Bill Black of Illinois.

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