Reason for relocating, need camera in the cout

here,  I am sharing this to get replies,  and welcome all replies from all,

I am TG, and this has been the hardest fight in my life.  spent over $130,000. on Lawyers,enough to make any one sick,  a bunch of money inclding a complete restored 1970 CUDA 340

  Every time I thought I had something good to go to Couurt with,  we never had a chance to put it in eveidence.

  Well I have a plan, I am going to use there laws agaist the court, and will be fun to do!

then I file for reason to relocate with my 2 daughters, to Colordo,  and my reason to leave the State of Florida, the laws in Florida Discriminate adainst me so bad, I dont have a chance. So I am leaving the state of Florida ASAP.  I am movibg my family to a less discrinimation state,  can’t wait to see that in court, and for my X to keep me here, she has to prove the State doesn’t Discriminate…

  Me leaving Florida!  🙂 🙂

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