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Echoes of the Holocaust

Author Saul Friedlander has published the second volume of his history of the Holocaust. Newsweek reviewed it. One ongoing theme in the book, right beside cruelty, is the lunacy of the perpetrators. Here is an excerpt of the review:

“[M]any of the Nazi’s anti-Semitic rants can be read as unwitting self-portraits. … In a 1944 address to military officers, Hitler announced: ‘Gentlemen, we are in a life-or-death struggle. If our opponents are victorious in this struggle, the German people will be eradicated, Bolshevism would slaughter millions and millions of our intellectuals. Anyone not dying through a shot in the neck will be deported. The children of the upper classes would be taken away and eliminated.’ (Wait, who’s deporting and slaughtering millions?)”

Forgive me for equating the killing of millions with the mere inconvenience of being denied a job, but some of the statements one hears from the Christian Right these days have the same quality of unwitting self-portraits.

The Newsweek article is here:

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