Waist deep in the big bloody

I’ll be back with the boys tomorrow night but that’s about it for a day or two. The lovely and talented Boggettes are off on a college visit for a few days and we hope to help the L&T Casey make her final decision by late next week. It’s a done deal as far as I can see.

In the meantime I’m all on my lonesome and I just received a copy of Phillip Zimbardo’s The Lucifer Effect as well as a NIN’s Beside You In Time DVD both of which seem to be signs of our times (NIN in particular, via Roy). Lots of death and destruction and sadness and sorrow leavened with great stupidity (imagine finding that on the internets) these days so I’m choosing to take mine through the arts darkly. And if I can score a matinee ticket to Wozzeck for Sunday, then my week will be complete.

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