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John McCain told an interviewer that “Americans don’t like sore losers. I’m a happy loser.”.  News flash, John.  Americans just don’t like losers.  Bye Bye.

Speaking of losers, John Kerry was quoted as saying that he thought that Imus shouldn’t have been fired. Sheesh.  The guy hasn’t even formally announced that he is going to be a presidential candidate yet, and he has already shot himself in the foot.

Speaking of shooting oneself, two Secret Service agents were injured in a “gun mishap” at the White House today.  News reports didn’t indicate if they have yet apologized to Vice President Cheney.

Speaking of Vice President Cheney, Dennis Kucinich has announced that he is going to file papers of Impeachment against the Vice President. Good luck. Don’t expect any help from your party, Dennis. “We’ll see a Kucinich Administration before we’ll see a Cheney impeachment,” quipped one Democratic aide.”

Speaking of quips, “That takes a lot of guts” came to mind when I read that Tyson Foods and Conoco Phillips Petroleum are joining forces to develop bio-fuel from chicken and beef slaughterhouse by-products.  They really are going to use everything but the cackle.

You all have a good evening now…

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