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Ain’t Love Grand

dd2fba94-b1bc-4a27-9732-cb2f430f3257.jpgIn BushCo's endless quest to debase, corrupt, embarass, ruin and dumb down everything they touch:

The Defense Department directed a private contractor in 2003 to hire Shaha Ali Riza, a World Bank employee and the companion of Paul D. Wolfowitz, then the deputy secretary of defense, to spend a month studying issues related to setting up a new government in Iraq, the contractor said Monday.

The contractor, Science Applications International Corporation, or SAIC, said that it had been directed to hire Ms. Riza by the office of the under secretary for policy. The head of that office at the time was Douglas J. Feith, who reported to Mr. Wolfowitz.

Ah Doug Feith , the "stupidest fucking guy on the face of the earth."  Everyone has their own favorite Doug Feith story, mine is how Feith tried to force Jay Garner — in charge of Post War resonstruction in Iraq — into the waiting arms of Ahmed Chalabi:

Garner asked Feith for copies of planning documents that had been drawn up in the Pentagon and elsewhere in the U.S. government.  Garner said Feith told him that nothing useful existed and that he should develop his own plans.  Feith's hope, as articulated to others in the Pentagon, was that without a clear blueprint for political transition, Garner would turn to Chalabi and his band of exiles.  Feith would get  the outcome he wanted without provoking a fight ahead of time with State and the CIA, both of which regarded Chalabi as a fraud.

So it should go without saying that I, like, totally believe Feith's explanation:

Mr. Feith, the former under secretary of defense, said he had no recollection of any request by his office to have Ms. Riza hired.


In a telephone interview, Mr. Feith said: “It doesn’t ring any bells. I just do not recall any such thing.” He said that the Pentagon policy office had a large staff, budget and number of contracts, and that the SAIC disclosure could mean the contract was arranged by “somebody in the Pentagon or somebody in my office.”

Wolfowitz's squeeze is now being represented by, yes, Victoria Toensing. We anticipate much truthniness to be forthcoming.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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