She almost beat Mean Jean last time, and Howie says Victoria Wulsin is going to do it again:

A few weeks ago I urged Victoria to run again and she told me she was considering it and talking it over with her family and local backers in southwest Ohio. This morning's good news is that Victoria is in! I hope to get her to come on FDL for a Blue America chat in a couple weeks. Meanwhile, here's what she had to say:

"When Americans are fighting in Iraq, going without affordable health care, and struggling to support their families, we need an independent voice in Congress, not a rubber stamp for special interests and the Bush Administration," Dr. Wulsin said, adding, "The people of the Second District deserve a Congresswoman who will be honest with her constituents."

Our Blue America PAC raised $27,000 for Dr. Wulsin in 2006, and she managed to get more votes than any Democrat in the history of the district.  She lost 120,112 to 117,595, but the groundwork has been put in place and it's great that Victoria is sticking with it.  Howie says we'll be seeing her on Blue America soon, so thanks to everyone who has been supportive of her in the past.

This is very good news. 

Update:  Howie says, "I just spoke with Victoria and she’ll be here for a live blog session on Saturday, April 28 at 2PM (est)."  Yes!

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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