Interview with bi author Jennifer Baumgardner on “Look Both Ways”

There is a really excellent interview with feminist author Jennifer Baumgardner over at today.  For those who don’t know her work, her book Manifesta was partically required reading for anyone in the Women’s Studies set when it came out in 2000.  She is also openly bisexual, and her latest book, Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics just came out a few months ago.  The interview is totally worth the read.  My favorite part is thus:

But there are many lesbians and gay men who believe that their sexuality is not a choice. Wouldn’t that make bisexuality, and other more fluid sexual identities, threatening to those who view their own sexuality as unwavering? If so, do you think this contributes to the distancing of lesbians and gay men from bisexuals?

I’m not threatened by their unwavering orientation and don’t think my fluidity need be threatening. This argument, while emotionally valid, strikes me as similar to why straight people are occasionally threatened by gay sexuality – it’s different and, therefore, calls into question that there is one (or two) correct ways of being.

I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet (since I’m poor and the local library doesn’t have it in the catalog), but I’m going to request it because this looks really interesting. 

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