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How Is Alberto Gonzales Like Don Imus?


Let me count the ways:

Alberto Gonzales' apology to United State Attorneys is about as sincere and believable as Don Imus' apology to the Rutgers women's basketball team.  In both cases, the only thing they're really sorry about is that they got caught.

Imus has lots of powerful conservative friends in the media, including Neal Boortz and Tim Russert (who GE/NBC's Jack Welch openly boasted of turning into a good little conservative) and in conservative and Republican politics, including John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and Joe Lieberman (who we all must remember was elected by Republicans in 1988 to punish Lowell Weicker).  So does Gonzales — and not just George W. Bush, but Joe Lieberman, who was one of only six Democratic Senators to vote to confirm Gonzales as Attorney General and who up until very recently was one of Gonzales' biggest defenders.  

—  Imus has at best a dodgy relationship with the truth; so does Gonzales, as shown here and here.

Conservatives and Republicans are trying to decide whether to embrace and defend their buddy Imus (often using the old "but rappers do it too!" schtick) or distance themselves from him as much as possible.  The same split is happening over Gonzales  — and over Gonzales' patron Bush, for that matter, as some folks do their level best to pretend that The Decider really isn't a true Republican while Grover Norquist boasts that "the base is for Bush".

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