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Fortune Favors The Bold


The latest poll results show what most of you reading this, along with Our Hero the Flaming Carrot, already instinctively know:  Fortune favors the bold.  And the Democrats, far from being punished by the American people for daring to hold Bush and his fellow Republicans accountable for twelve years of steadily-increasing muck, are being rewarded by them:


Q: As you may know, Democrats in both houses of Congress passed legislation that ties further funding of the war in Iraq to targeted dates for withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq. Bush says he will veto any measure that sets such a timetable because he believes it would tie the hands of battlefield commanders and make defeat in Iraq more likely. Do you think that Bush should sign a funding authorization that includes a timetable for withdrawal, or should he veto that legislation?

Sign: 48%

Veto: 43%

Unsure: 9%

Q: If George W. Bush vetoes the legislation, do you think Congress should pass another version of the bill that provides funding for the war without any conditions for troop withdrawal, or should Congress refuse to pass any funding bill until Bush agrees to accept conditions for withdrawal?

Fund the war without conditions: 43%

Withhold funding until Bush signs: 45%

Don't know: 12%

Yupper — for the first time, not only do a majority plurality* of Americans want a timetable for getting out of Bush's Iraq war, but a majority plurality* favor withholding funding until Bush OKs a funding bill with a timetable.  Right now, it's a slim majority plurality* to be sure, but the trend lines are clear:  Americans want the troops home and they're getting less fussy about how it's accomplished.

And it's not just with regard to Iraq that Americans favor the Democratic Congress' way of thinking over that of Bush and the Republicans (and their BFF Joe Lieberman).  ThinkProgress notes that poll after poll shows the American people favoring talking to the nations of the world, even those Bush and his minions have tagged as naughty ones. 

Let Boy-King Bush continue to demand fealty from his fellow Republicans.  Their fear of him — or rather, of the GOP base, which mindlessly backs Bush in a fashion best shown by Word Salad Pam Gehry — will be their undoing.  Meanwhile, we'll keep pushing to end the war, and sooner or later, it will happen, no matter what the Boy-King wants.

*corrected per Bob Schacht.  Thanks, Bob!

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