Did anyone watch this program?  It contained good points on the fact that gays and lesbians can’t be “cured”. but showed a few of the ex-gay-for-pay nuts to show they work. but when asked how high is the suscess, no answer. then one other high point came disscussion of abortion,  and the Christofaciousts had men carrying signs saying ” I should never had an abortion ” which was then followed by men and women needing the christrian faith to forgive the men and women for having abortions.

???MEN HAVE ABORTIONS NOW!!??? I am not the only one that noticed it, a few friands called me to ask if they really saw what was shown. Although throughout the show, nothing was meantioned about transgender. but in my view, it didn’t look good for the wingnuts against us, and showed a division in the religious views.
  And in my view, it seems the religion groups are dividing them selves on our issues, and we are winning that battle.

My first try at this, I hope I do well, and did it correct. please tell me the good and bad of how I did, Thank you friends! Barbra Lynn




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