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Skinhead recruitment at Battle Cry in Detroit

I went to downtown Detroit (near Comerica Park) today to take part in a peaceful demonstration put on by the American Friends Service Committee (the Quakers) to counter some of the propaganda put out by Battle Cry. There were 17 of us on our side of the street with several hundred kids on the other side. Though the parent organization is called Teen Mania many of these kids were no older than 10. They also had big signs (we had little ones), red pennants (lots of us thinking “communist”), and a sound system.

I was there because the Battle Cry event (held in huge Ford Field) is very militaristic in its presentation of Christian Right ideals, complete with dogtags, military vehicles, and Nay SEALs in uniform with weapons. A lot of what came over the sound system was fear — “Look at all the scary things you have to put up with. Aren’t you going to fight back? Let’s fight for Jesus and take back our culture.” What we witnessed was the public rally (about two hours long) before the actual Battle Cry conference a few blocks away at Ford Field. The attendance at the conference could easily pass 50 thousand.You can search for Battle Cry on the web or see a rebuttal at


This page is on the site of “World Can’t Wait” which is dedicated to driving Bush from office.

One fact from the rebuttal sheet that was offered to the kids from World Can’t Wait is, “This is not a fake war.” From the rebuttal website, it describes Battle Cry as being anti-female, anti-gay, anti-science, and for blind obedience. They are trying to recruit a fresh generation of skinheads.

One of the women on our side of the street had a memento from her father who got it from a Jewish man (I didn’t catch the details). It was one of the yellow stars Jews had to wear during the Nazi regime. It was carefully mounted inside a simple frame. She held it so passers-by could see it. The oldest man in our group held the Nazi salute for a good long time. I suspect very few of the kids knew what it

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