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Buh-Bye, Abu Gonzales (with Update)


Ah, irony.  Not only does it look like the Regent University grads and Bush flunkies did a horseshit job of redacting today's doc dump, but one of the nicest chunks of damning evidence against Alberto Gonzales is one that never got redacted.  

Check this out, courtesy of a fellow over at DailyKos: 

 Smoking gun? ( 20+ / 0-)

This was not even redacted.  Batch 5 p 14.  2/12/07 From Monica:
This is the chart that the AG requested.
It shows detail for each fired USA and each proposed replacement.  Information Abu said UNDER OATH that he did not have, and was not involved with.
His testimony should be interesting…

Yeah, it should be.

I can't wait.   


UPDATE:  The Bad News — if only I'd looked at The Damned Date, I would have seen that this memo was dated AFTER Abu's testimony. Arrrgh!   The Good News — there's other, much better evidence that has Kyle Sampson crafting at least one chart for Gonzo BEFORE he testified.

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