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HRC jabs Concerned Women for America, thanking the org for 'supporting' hate crimes legislation

“The only response to this public acknowledgment by the Concerned Women for America is to say, `thank you’.  Because of the opposition of right wing groups like Concerned Women for America, too many Americans have waited for too long for the federal government to provide the same protections against criminal acts of violence as their fellow Americans.”
— Joe Solmonese, President of the Human Rights Campaign, on CWA’s call for the feds to begin investigations into hate crimes to determine their validity.

This press release will agitate Matt Barber, one of the “like-minded men” at Concerned Women for America, to no end; he’ll be foaming at the mouth shortly.

HRC throws the anti-gay organization’s choice words back in their face. On Daddy D’s CitizenLink, CWA inadvertently makes the case for hate crimes legislation asking the Department of Justice “to investigate whether often-cited examples of hate crimes are fabricated.”

Yesterday in a story published by Focus on the Family’s “Family News in Focus”, Matt Barber, CWA’s Political Director for Cultural Issues, spoke on behalf of the organization saying that they are calling on the Department of Justice to investigate whether specific hate crimes are truly acts of hate or not.  The story titled, “Pro-Family Group Calls for Investigation of Hate-Crimes Claims,” was obviously intended to mock the legitimacy of the thousands of Americans across the countries who too often find themselves victims of hate violence.  However, the unintended consequence was that a national right-wing organization has now publicly admitted the need for federal involvement in hate crimes investigations.

“There’s a reason why all the major law enforcement associations across the nation support a federal hate crimes law – it’s because they need it.  According to the FBI, each day 25 Americans fall victim to a hate crime,” continued Solmonese.  “While CWA really intended to belittle the damage these crimes do to entire communities, the groups’ statements may actually help pass this important law that will finally give local law enforcement the federal assistance they need to thoroughly conduct investigations.” 

I’m sure the hot-headed CWA folks will be tapping out a response shortly.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding