Really Really Early Thursday Basset Blogging ~
Tuesday At the Beach With Beckham & Satchmo

I’m going to be incommunicado for a day or two so this is going up early. Last week someone mentioned that fact that the boys always seem to either be stretched out dozing on the bed or looking benignly at the camera (or both). It’s hard to catch them doing those things that I know they do when I’m not around with a camera; juggling, making 1-900 calls, writing a diary at Daily Kos…that kind of stuff. So the sultry and sun-kissed mrs tbogg and I took them down to Dog Beach late Tuesday for fun in the sun, if by “fun in the sun” you mean sand, drool, picking up poop and then a trip to the dog wash. As always, click to enlarge if you feel you need the exercise.



Beckham attacking Satchmo from behind as mrs tbogg look on

Suddenly Beckham is overcome with fatigue and assumes
the beached manatee position

…until it’s time to go home

If you print the pictures out and make a flip-book out of them, it’s really quite exciting…

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