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Will Massachusetts repeal the 1913 law?

It’s possible that the 94-year-old law that prevents gay and lesbian couples from outside the Bay State from marying, and there’s support for overturning it. Multiple Choice Mitt was opposed to its repeal when he held office; current governor Deval Patrick says he will sign it if it hits his desk. (WashBlade):

Romney said repealing the law would turn Massachusetts into “the Las Vegas of same-sex marriage.”

Massachusetts’ new governor, Deval Patrick, a Democrat who supports gay marriage, has promised to sign a repeal.

“I know that the 1913 law has sort of smelly origins,” Patrick said. “I think it’s outdated. If it passes the Legislature and comes to my desk, I’ll sign it.”

Of course those who want to keep it in place are concerned about the floodgates of homos heading to Massachusetts to wed, and to take those license home and file lawsuits, which of course will press for a country-wide resolution to the patchwork of marriage inequality. That will be the call to arms for the fundies:

The vast number of states already have laws or constitutional amendments specifically barring same sex marriages. A marriage certificate might let a couple mount a legal challenge, but there’s no guarantee the marriage would be recognized.

That kind of legal chaos is a good argument to keep the 1913 law in place, according to Brian Camenker, leader of MassResistance, a group opposed to gay marriage.

“The whole reason that the gay lobby wants this overturned is for that reason, so they can disrupt the whole situation regarding marriage in other states and cause as much trouble as they can across the country,” he said.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding