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Strange Bedfellows

Atlas Juggs:

No Imus won't be fired folks. Kerry was his candidate. The decadent left has no morality,  no ethics, no standards. They cover for each other and answer to no one.  Morally bankrupt on every level.


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Cliff Kincaid:

With Imus twisting in the wind, it is fascinating to watch his mostly liberal collaborators in the media try to avoid being affected by the stench. They all went on the show in the past knowing that that he specializes in making fun of people. But they excused that in order to reach his audience and, in many cases, sell their books.

Consider Howard Kurtz, the media reporter for the Washington Post who appears fairly often on the Imus show. Imus made his offensive remarks on April 4, a Wednesday. On April 6, Imus apologized on the air. Two days after that, on April 8, Kurtz's "Reliable Sources" media watchdog show aired on CNN. Did Kurtz say anything about Imus's remarks and the propriety of people like Kurtz appearing on such a show? I watched the show. Please check the transcript. I can't find anything. Can you? Instead, he devoted a segment of his show to Rosie O'Donnell's recent controversial remarks and female bloggers getting threats from readers. Doesn't this omission say something about Kurtz's objectivity as a media correspondent? Perhaps this will be a topic at the Washington Post annual meeting on May 10. AIM will be there, too.

To top it off, Kurtz's "Media Notes" column on Monday includes nothing about the Imus controversy and his own appearances on the show.

Confederate Yankee:

The City of New York, where Imus works and maintains a residence, issues "may issue" concealed carry licenses, allowing the police to determine who is allowed to have a concealed handgun. This is according the Sullivan Act, and in practice, it means that very, very few permits are issued.

Don Imus has a well-known history of alcohol and cocaine abuse in his past, and while he claims to have been clean for many years, his substance abuse history is certainly enough reason to deny him a permit even in "shall issue" areas. It is clearly his fame, and fame alone, that has afforded him the privilege to carry a gun in New York City.

It only seems fitting that his infamy caused him to be stripped of this privilege as well.

MSNBC's Dan Abrams:

People have every right to be angry, insulted and hurt by Imus's comments. And Imus himself has said they have every right to call for his resignation. Those opinions are heartfelt, and I can tell you they have been heard loud and clear by MSNBC and NBC News. The one set of instigators who should be ignored are our friends over at Fox News, who have made this part of an ongoing political campaign against MSNBC over everything and anything they can find. Now, I understand why they're doing it. It's a good strategy to attack a network that's suddenly offering up a challenge to them on a number of fronts. But one would hope another network would attack with clean hands. We all know that's not the case over at Fox, not even on this sort of issue.


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