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Pastor Hutch and his 'ex-lesbian' fan

Homobigot Seattle-area pastor Ken Hutcherson on AC360 for a report called “What Is a Christian?: Sex and Salvation”:

Hutcherson photo art via Mike Tidmus.

COOPER: Reverend Hutcherson, do you believe that someone who is gay, happy about it, living a life and has a partner, do you believe they’re going to hell?

HUTCHERSON: I think if they have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, that’s the key to get into heaven. Not whether or not you are a homosexual or not a homosexual. Whether you’re white or whether you’re black. The Bible says if haven’t accepted Jesus Christ you are a condemned. He is the only way. That is where I stand, bro and I don’t even think twice about it.

…COOPER: What do you think Reverend Hutcherson? Do you — there are those who say Jesus never talked about homosexuality. If you read the Bible, there’s nothing he ever said about it. If it was so important, why wouldn’t he have championed it? Or talked about it?

HUTCHERSON: Well, Jesus never talked about a lot of things that came directly from his mouth. But I think that Reverend Hudson would also agree that we believe in the whole New Testament and Old Testament was inspired by God. And it was inspired by the Holy Spirit who led men along to write those books, those 66 books in the bible. The 27 in the New Testament, is the ones that lays out the whole truth of God. Not just what Jesus says. And she would have to agree that the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin. You know, it says that men left the natural desire of a woman and went after a man. And a woman left the natural desire of a man and went after a woman. If the Bible says they left the natural that means the bible says it homosexuality is unnatural. And that’s where I stand.

Look at the congratulatory note he received from the newly “ex-lesbian” publisher of Venus Magazine — which used to target black lesbians as its readership (!):

Pastor Hutcherson,

I thoroughly enjoyed you last night on CNN with Anderson Cooper. No compromises! I loved your bold stance on biblical principles with regard to homosexuality. And that’s saying a lot coming from me. One year ago I would be writing to blast you for being a gay bigot. The Lord saved me after 29 years of gay activism and 13 years publishing a magazine supporting the black gay community. I printed my own testimony on our cover a few months ago which caused a firestorm reaction within the gay community. Please take a look..

God Bless, Have a Happy Resurrection Day!

(Hat tips, Robin, the WebWrangler for and medaka)

* Ex Gay Watch on Venus: Offend One Audience, Woo Another: Former Lesbian Magazine Gets A Boost from Religious Rightists (LaBarbera’s a big fan)

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