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Open thread Monday

What’s going on out there? Post links to stories that caught your eye, and blogwhore at will.

In case you missed surfing here over the weekend, here’s what you missed on the front page…

* New Hampshire civil unions bill on the fast track 
* Qs of the day – best and worst vacations
* Michigan AFA drones on about anti-bullying bill
* Non-Bio Lesbian Mom Wins Visitation Rights (diary by Dana)
* Respect for All Families — Including Mine (diary by Kathy)
* Fundie: peanut butter proves evolution is a fraud 
* AFTAH on Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings for gay and lesbian couples 
* McCain: I ‘misspoke’ about conditions in Baghdad 
* Blogging Against Theocracy: God, Brought to You by Your Government  (Terrance)
* ‘Do you know who I am?‘ 
* Army suspends ‘wango tango’ homophobic recruiter

And we have some new diaries that popped up…
* Colorful Academics (by The Dark Wraith)
* The Battle Between Slurs Continues  (by nunya)
* Free Methodist Jesus Apparently Doesn’t Like Student Piece On Nemecek Settlement (by Autumn)
* Avoid Bolthouse Farms products! (by SarahS)

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