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Late Nite FDL: We Are the Earth Intruders!

There are so many things I could write about tonight.  MSNBC, for example, and their decision to slap the wrist of that dickhead in the cowboy hat.  Two weeks' suspension?  Oooh, that'll hurt.  I bet Don cries the whole time he's sitting on that beach in Cancun.

If you're a straight, white man in this country, what the hell level of incompetence, arrogance, and idiocy does it take to get fired from your job?  Don Imus is, was, and always will be a fatuous, race-baiting, tin-eared tosspot who looks like he stole his stupid cowboy hat off a mule.  (In other words, he is radio's very own George W. Bush.)  My favorite moment so far of his implosion?  This defense, which he levelled at a caller from Ebony magazine:

IMUS: "Don't talk about me doing used car commercials. I'll bet you I've slept in a house with more black children who were not related to me than you have. Do not get into my face about this…"

Psyche!  That caller was actually Michael Jackson.  You lose, Mr. Imus!  Wah-wah-waaaaaaaah…

Or, I could write about the fact that Wrong Way Malkin and cohorts are using the Online Misogyny flap to paint themselves up as maligned victims of Liberal Hate Speech, while blithely ignoring the fact that wherever Malkin points her dangerously unhinged readers in one of her redneck fatwas, death threats and harassment follow.  Oh, yeah, Michelle, you're such a free speech martyr!  I see you sent your homophobic, racist understudy, Mary Katherine Ham to stick up for you on CNN.  What, did you have a prior engagement burning a cross on a Lebanese family's lawn?

I swear, there's nothing like watching shrill, feather-brained, partisan attack dogs decry online harassment.  It makes my eyes bleed.

But speaking of the Hot Air-heads, their round of back-slapping and jizzing in their own laps over their fake photoshop prank has quieted down considerably since it has become apparent that we still want to see Karl Rove's illegal emails.  Nice try, brain donors, but like I said before, one cheesy photoshop prank does not obviate the fact that Rove's withheld emails constitute a violation of the Presidential Records Act.  We're going to need to see those emails, Mr. Rove.  We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but either way, those materials need to be turned over to the Congress.  Thank you for your prompt attention in this urgent matter.

But really, the thing I want to write about tonight is the NEW BJORK SINGLE, which will be available from iTunes at midnight tonight, but you can listen to it with a fixed graphic in the YouTube clip above.  I like it!  For a while there, it seemed that Bjork was going to be perfectly content to slide into the structureless, groove-free realm of what I call "Art with a Silent 'F'".  She put out the soothing, but ultimately kind of dull "Vespertine", and then followed it up with "Medulla", an album recorded entirely with voices, no instruments, which, unfortunately, resulted in what has to be the dullest album of her career.

So, I am very glad to hear that "Earth Intruders" , the new single, from the album "Volta" is a solid, tribal-drumming throw-down with plenty of room for the Icelandic Pop Goddess to roar and growl and whisper, which, frankly, is what I fell in love with her singing for.  It's vocal technique from the canals of Mars.  Nobody sings, writes, or records music quite like Bjork, and her new album promises to tackle the topics of politics, human rights, and terrorism, and features tracks produced by superstar hip-hop producer, Timbaland.  (Something about that pairing reminds me of this delightful bit of flash animation.)

In other music news, I anxiously await the arrival of the new Tori Amos record.  This one (her ninth) promises to be one of the most overtly political of her career, and I read this awesome bit from an interview on

"The way to really combat the right wing is to not be subservient to them on any level, particularly when it comes to ideology," she continued. "Therefore, you better offer up another ideology that can combat theirs, and as a preacher's daughter, I understand their ideology inside and out. Frankly, they've all hijacked Jesus and his message. I'm sorry, but 'Love thy neighbor as yourself' is nowhere to be found, especially in our current regime, who, in the name of God, is sending our young men and women to die over there [in the Middle East]."

Whoa!  Holy shit, Tori!  Have you been reading my blog? 

Actually, Tori has become quite the blog fan, apparently.  The songs on her new album feature a cast of muses, all of whom have their own blogs.  So far, I have found two of them, but there are two more scattered somewhere across cyberspace.  I have to think that the little goth chick character MUST have her blog on livejournal, but I haven't found it, yet. 

What a coup it would be if I could get Tori to sit down for a blog interview here at FDL!  I'm going to get on that and see what I can come up with.  I think Tori is really speaking to the issues faced by women in this country and the world, and I would love to get her take on the power and possibilities of the liberal blogosphere.

And that's what I've got tonight, kids!  Any questions?  Any answers?  Anybody care for a mint? 

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