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Failed Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell's new job

I wondered what happened to this fundie butt-kissing loser? It’s no surprise that homobigot Ken Blackwell‘s on the wingnut welfare gravy train. He’s working for the Family Research Council as its “senior fellow for family empowerment.” He opines about the 2008 presidential race.

Ken Blackwell also believes that unless the GOP realizes that both morality and principle are important, it is destined to repeat its poor showing in last November’s election.

Blackwell says although money will thin out the field of 2008 presidential candidates, it will not be the deciding factor in either the Democratic or Republican primaries.

As far as the GOP as a whole is concerned, Blackwell contends it “lost its brand” in the 2006 election because it abandoned the principles and policies that guided it into the majority. “It was racked by moral corruption, public policy duplicity, and managerial incompetence,” he says. “So it is incumbent upon the GOP to rebound and to reclaim its brand of being the party for lower taxes [and] greater freedom, as well as limited government.”

O.M.G. Where do you begin?

Moral Corruption
* Blackwell, as secretary of state in Ohio, was also the Chief Elections Officer, a position that oversees the Buckeye State’s  elections process. We all know what happened in the 2004 election, where people were left standing in line at the polls (in mostly minority precincts), with machines that were broken, and a provisional ballot process that resulted in many votes that were disqualified.

Public Policy Duplicity
* Dancing with Diebold. Ohio had a contract to purchase optical scan voting machines (they have a paper trail); Blackwell  ordered voting-machine manufacturer Diebold’s touch screen voting machines, even after there were security concerns about the software in the systems.
* Blackwell sent out a fund-raising letter to Ohio Republicans, saying that he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.” Yes, yes he was.
* And did you know that he had shares in Diebold? He didn’t know that he owned it.

Managerial Incompetence
* Blackwell’s office published, by mistake, 1.2 million Social Security numbers of Ohio citizens on the state web site in April of last year.
* After a lawsuit was settled over the above, SSNs of 5.7 million registered voters in Ohio were exposed — that’s 80% of all registered voters in the state — when Blackwell’s office mailed out computer disks containing those numbers along with names and addresses.

I guess he’s an expert in this area, huh?

Blackwell and FRC’s Tony Perkins are bleating that the war is getting in the way of their agenda. Pull out a hankie for them.

“I don’t think we have to win the war by the next election. But I think we have to make more Americans believe the war is being prosecuted competently, and for a reason,” said Blackwell…”If the public attention is that the war is being prosecuted in an incompetent, clumsy, or incoherent fashion, it becomes a greater challenge to focus attention” on matters such as abortion, stem cell research, and gay rights, he said.

Tony Perkins , president of the Family Research Council, was even more gloomy in his prognosis, saying Republicans appear to have strayed from the conservative social agenda.”The way the presidential campaign is shaping up, it looks like a continuation of November’s elections,” when Republicans lost control of both chambers of Congress, Perkins said. “It was a disaster for Republicans because they had lost their way on [conservative social] issues.”

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