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Bush nearly torches himself plugging in hydrogen hybrid car

In The Detroit News, another tale of why our president is a dangerous man, not only to the country, but to himself. If it weren’t for Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally, Dear Leader would have fried himself when he decided to try to play with a demo car.

Mulally told journalists at the New York auto show that he intervened to prevent President Bush from plugging an electrical cord into the hydrogen tank of Ford’s hydrogen-electric plug-in hybrid at the White House last week. Ford wanted to give the Commander-in-Chief an actual demonstration of the innovative vehicle, so the automaker arranged for an electrical outlet to be installed on the South Lawn and ran a charging cord to the hybrid. However, as Mulally followed Bush out to the car, he noticed someone had left the cord lying at the rear of the vehicle, near the fuel tank.

“I just thought, ‘Oh my goodness!’ So, I started walking faster, and the President walked faster and he got to the cord before I did. I violated all the protocols. I touched the President. I grabbed his arm and I moved him up to the front,” Mulally said. “I wanted the president to make sure he plugged into the electricity, not into the hydrogen This is all off the record, right?

Oops, nope. There’s a picture of it here.

This reminds me of the incident back in January where Dear Leader hopped onto a giant industrial tractor and decided to play run over the news media.

At “The Gaggle,” Newsweek reporter Holly Bailey writes that the president clambered into the driver’s seat of Caterpillar’s giant D10 tractor. “I would suggest moving back…I’m about to crank this sucker up,” she reports him saying.

But as White House staff started to move the press corps back, the situation became more chaotic. Bailey writes that “the tractor lurched forward” and White House staff “too were forced to scramble for safety. “Get out of the way!” a news photographer yelled. “I think he might run us over!””

Bush chuckled about the incident, and referenced driving the tractor during his speech, saying “I’m impressed by a culture of excellence and accomplishment that is the spirit of Caterpillar. I also appreciate the chance to drive a D10. If you’ve never driven a D10 — (laughter) — it’s a cool experience. (Laughter),” according to the White House website.

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Pam Spaulding