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Susie has a few things to say


Thanks to Kit for locating this graphic at  BoreMe

It's Saturday night … and after kiddie hours … but just a warning, some of the links below may not be work or kid appropriate.

My son, Kit , paged me today with a link to an amazing piece of writing and we thought it was just the thing for a Saturday night at the Lake.  It seems that Susie Bright has a few things to say about our dear leader and his decision to skip the opening day of baseball …

This has been George Bush's horrible, no-good, very bad week. Nothing could be worse— the President had to give up throwing the first pitch of the season.

His spokeswoman said he was "too busy" to make the game.

But W. has never been too busy for baseball in his entire life.


"I've got a decision to make today. Do I go with the fastball or a slider?" Bush asked in 2005. Now he gets to choose whether he wants to appear in public with a bag over his head, or a Britney-wig.

After this opening, her post Too Busy: The Sexual Politics of the Presidential Crisis goes on to provide one of the best ever take-downs of this criminal administration.

George's dear friend, Attorney General Alberto "Fredo" Gonzales has also been very busy.

While Congress hounded him to account for the federal prosecutors who were fired on what appears to be "Mean-Girls" criteria, Gonzales refused to answer the indictments, and instead… is on a national speaking tour to decry the horrors of child pornography.

Bright continues with a brilliant analysis of the ways the Bush administration have used child pornography as mass distraction while not addressing in any way the very real horrors of sexual child abuse:

90% of reported child abuse cases take place in the home, between blood relatives, and there's no webcam involved. There may be bias to child abuse statistics, but everyone— except political opportunists— acknowledge that "hurting children" is largely an ugly and secretive family affair, one which Bush's DOJ has ignored. The issue has no partisan "gain" for them— why bother?

Of course, the Executive Branch functionaries in charge of "helping families" are the folks at the Department of Health and Human Resources, but they are so busy demanding abstinence education, and trying to stop birth control, that they can't get around to the starving, burned, or beaten. 

and she skewers the sexual underpinnings of the Rovian agenda:

"Why do we go to war?"
Because we're not PUSSIES.

"Why is corporate crime no big deal?"
Because CHILD PORN is destroying America.

"What's the most important moral question facing the country?" 

"What's the problem with public education today?"

finishing with a clear call for us all to refuse to buy into the "political smut-mongering" of the right:

Hmmm… reality. The middle class stripped to a barrel, the poor sent to die abroad, the US rudderless, internationally. So much blood on our hands, Lady Macbeth looks like an American Idol contestant.

Can any amount of political smut-mongering and queer-baiting pull us out of the reality hole? 

Ben Franklin designed our first penny with his favorite expression, "Mind Your Business." It was taken as a statement of respect for privacy, as well as minding your own store.

There's a kind of "busy," when you're taking care of your family and your community— and there's the other kind of "busy," when you're poking your nose where it doesn't belong, because of your vanity and greed.

Smut-baiting needs to be seen, and called out, as the kind of "busy" that no one's going to tolerate anymore.

It's a disgrace that the White House panders "child porn" panics with such deceit and indifference that they have succeeded in making people's eyes glaze over an issue that ought to turn anyone into a pillar of salt.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ms. Bright, here's how she describes herself: "I'm an author, editor, performer, sex guru, teacher, mom, seamstress, pumpkinhead. I live in Santa Cruz, CA with my partner Jon and daughter Aretha."  Her writing about politics began early:

My first publication was home-made. When I was 8, I was very upset about Ronald Reagan running for governor in California, and I wrote a pamphlet denouncind him in my orange-red crayolas and stuck copies of it all around the neighborhood. I signed them, "Concerned Citizens of California." 

And she continues to remind us all of the sexual politics at play – as well as write with wit and wisdom … and great spice … about sexuality, parenting and whatever else strikes her agile mind. 

Please read her full post – it's a wonderful piece of writing and an important reminder of the real perversion of the Bush years. As Kit said when we were discussing her post:

I feel like a lot (though not all) of the liberal blogs often ignore this aspect of the current administration. I think undermining the rights of consenting adults, and leaving children and teenagers dangerously miseducated about sexual health is really as dangerous to our future as anything being done in Iraq or to the environment. That's not to say those aren't important issues, but how can we hope to have a healthy and well-adjusted government without healthy and well-adjusted people to run it?

With mega thanks to Kit for his collaboration on this post. 


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