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Non-Bio Lesbian Mom Wins Visitation Rights

Some good news for the holiday weekend: A Vermont court has given non-bio mom Janet Miller-Jenkins the right to visit her five-year-old daughter Isabella, whom she hasn’t been able to see or contact in over two years. Her former partner, Lisa Miller-Jenkins, kept their daughter from her in a headline case that bounced between the jurisdictions of Vermont and Virginia.

The couple had created Isabella together, and had a civil union in Vermont. After the couple separated, Lisa Miller-Jenkins moved to Virginia, began espousing conservative Christian beliefs, and declared herself straight. She enlisted the help of an ultra-right legal organization to try and gain sole custody. Now, however, a court has granted Janet visitation rights. Because Vermont does not allow joint custody, reports the Rutland Herald, Janet is in turn seeking primary custody, with visitation rights for Lisa.

This week’s ruling, nevertheless, must come as an immense relief for Janet. I cannot fathom missing two years of my child’s life. I wish her and Isabella all the best as they reconnect.

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